Outriders Weapon Leach | What Does it Do?

Outriders has a lot of moving parts to it. From your character’s abilities to the tiny inscriptions on your weapons, every single piece of your build is important. And knowing what things do is just as crucial to surviving this death planet. One of these things is Outriders Weapon Leach. This is a strange name for a skill that isn’t extremely clear about what it does. However, once you know how to use it effectively, you’ll be sure to put it on any gun-focused build.

What Does Weapon Leach Do in Outriders?

Outriders Weapon Leach

In Outriders, Weapon Leach is a fancy word for Lifesteal. As you deal damage with your weapon, you restore some health based on the amount of damage you do. Its sister ability, Skill Leach, does the same thing for skills. Whether you want Weapon Leach or not is based on how often you find yourself shooting your opponents, rather than slamming them with skills.

But just how important is Weapon Leach in Outriders? Well, later game combats can really chip at your health pool, and dying during a hard fight can be a drag on your fatigue and experience pool. This Weapon Leach can be a simple way to tank back to full health so that you can go back to taking hits. This is an essential skill for frontline characters, since you can only get hit so many times before having to fall back. This lets you quickly restore health without needing to spend a skill slot on a healing skill.

Then, what is the difference between Weapon Leach and Skill Leach, and which should you use? Weapon Leach is just for guns, and Skill Leach is just for Skills. If your build is more focused on one or the other, then you should probably build the leach of that type. That’ll maximize the amount of health that you earn back, and the amount of damage that you’ll be able to soak.

Keep this skill in mind if you’re having trouble surviving in bigger encounters. The extra health can be an easy lifesaver.

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