Overcooked! 2 Expands Online Presence With Regional Matchmaking

Online gaming is wild enough already without bringing the chaos of couch co-op into the mix. This hasn’t stopped developers behind Overcooked! 2 from trying to bring the party-game sensation online. Of course, doing so involves maintaining servers and putting a matchmaking system in place. Thankfully, the latest update explains the implementation of regional matchmaking. This announcement shows that Ghost Town Games Ltd. Team17 are taking multiplayer feedback seriously. Since online multiplayer became available, many players have signed on to test it out. However, with the game still being in beta, there are many issues that have arisen that the developers are working hard to address.

Overcooking Across The World

Both Overcooked and Overcooked! 2 have been well-received, but the sequel is the most recent and continues to be the most active. With the transition to online multiplayer, this game could expand its couch co-op feel across the globe without needing to rely on remote play. This would make online playing much faster and smoother between players. The addition of regional matchmaking will also make it easier for players to team up close to home to better simulate the couch co-op feel.

There are not many party games that are fully online, but Overcooked! 2‘s design improves its chances to run well. Its low-poly graphics and four-player restriction should make it simpler to fix compared to bigger games. The gameplay involves running around different layouts and performing specific tasks to create meals. This makes for a very fast-paced, challenging, hectic, but still enjoyable game. It also includes several DLCs which add even more levels for players to try and up the competitive side of things.

Popular games understandably draw a lot of players, and that’s why servers need to be closely monitored. Though there’s no telling when the beta will end, regional matchmaking will try to address connection issues and take Overcooked! 2‘s online development in the right direction.