Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Price | How Much Will It Cost?

With the removal of in-game loot boxes and the standard level progression system in Overwatch 2, it appears that Blizzard is opting out of both features in favor of a battle pass. The battle pass is now your only way to track your progress and earn in-game cosmetics. However, this has many of us wondering how much the battle pass will cost. What’s the standard price? Is it coming with multiple tiers? We’ve got answers to both of those questions just below.

What Is the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Price?

What Is the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Price?

Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer game, so there is no upfront price. It will also include a standard, free battle pass at no cost. Everyone can benefit from this battle pass for free, but if you want better rewards, you’ll have to shell out some cash for the premium battle pass.

According to the Overwatch 2 Watchpoint Pack, a costly pre-release package with added benefits, each premium season battle pass will come at a price of 1,000 Overwatch 2 virtual currency. Blizzard hasn’t released precise numbers, but based on other games’ virtual currency conversions, the exchange from your wallet to 1,000 Overwatch 2 virtual currency, will land somewhere between $10 and $15. Which is more or less the standard asking for games premium battle passes.

Furthermore, Blizzard has stated that each battle pass will last approximately nine months. That means, if you want to get higher-end cosmetics, you’ll have to fork up that estimated price for the premium battle pass, every three-fourths of a year. Which at a wider glance, isn’t too far-fetched of an ask. Surely it’s a better steal than those pesky in-game loot boxes in the original game. Plus, you’ll also get to double down and receive the free battle pass cosmetics as well.

We’re still not thrilled with Blizzard’s decision to opt a level progression system and its rewards for a free and premium battle pass, the premium’s price is a little justified by its timeline. However, whether or not the battle pass price is worthwhile will be determined by what they offer for incentives. That we’ll have to wait and see.

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