Paragon: The Overprime Aims To Revive Epic’s Canceled MOBA

MOBA games are competitive by nature, both in gameplay and in the marketplace. Epic Games attempted to compete with its own entry Paragon, but the game simply didn’t succeed. Servers went dark in 2018, and Epic released all the game’s assets for free on the Epic Games Store. Now, over four years later, those assets are being used in a game that is effectively the same as the original. Called Paragon: The Overprime, this upcoming release may give Epic’s once-doomed IP another chance at life.

Paragon Is Back In The Game

Epic released Paragon in 2016. Unfortunately, it wound up going head-to-head against Overwatch, which released just a few months later. Unable to keep up, the game was forced to shut down in 2018. But instead of chalking it all up as a loss, the development team released the assets for free through the Epic Games Store. This allowed other creators to use the designs and files to create all-new experiences.

Perhaps it was inevitable, but one studio has used those assets to design a game that is largely similar to Paragon itself. Developed by Netmarble, the Steam page for Paragon: The Overprime says the game is a “free team-based TPS Action MOBA,” same as the original. Epic Games was even nice enough to grant the developers rights to the original game’s branding, according to a report from PC Gamer.

No firm release date for Paragon: The Overprime has been set just yet. However, by all accounts, it doesn’t seem to be very far away. According to the game’s official website, the final beta test kicks off on November 9 and concludes on November 21. More information about joining the beta can be found through this news post.

Unexpected and unusual as it may be, it appears that Paragon fans are getting a surprise revival. Whenever it does launch, Paragon: The Overprime will be available through Steam as well as the Epic Games Store.