Paralyzed Streamer RockyNoHands Beat Elden Ring Using His Mouth

Players are among some of the most determined people in the world, some unwilling to let even physical hurdles stop them. That means their resulting victories are all the sweeter. Well, it seems a new bar has been set, as streamer RockyNoHands has just completed Elden Ring using just his mouth. There are only so many official achievements that a game can offer so players often look for ways to challenge themselves. This was a challenge for Rocky in more ways than one, but his sheer determination and skill carried him to a win over one of the biggest and most difficult games of recent memory.

RockyNoHands Beats Elden Ring By A Mouth

Gaming is one of many select activities for people who find themselves confined in some way. RockyNoHands, AKA Rocky Stoutenburghis, is a streamer who has made a name for himself by playing and beating games like Elden Ring using only his mouth. He was paralyzed in 2006, following an accident that broke his neck. However, his desire to game and keep gaming did not wane and he set up a gaming rig that put all controls within reach of his lips. While Elden Ring may be his most recent accomplishment, it’s another feather in Rocky’s online gaming cap.

Trying to beat any game with only your mouth is hard enough, but beating Elden Ring that way would be a mountain of a challenge. This is the latest title from the team at From Software, most known for creating the Dark Souls series and the Soulslike genre by extension. These games are notoriously difficult, posing both enemies and bosses that can quickly kill the player and boot them back to a checkpoint on the other side of the map. Elden Ring has a lot of the same harshness with a lot of hard fights against fast strong opponents. It takes a skilled player to beat it and a champion to do so with their mouth.

RockyNoHands is a unique streamer who is not letting his paralysis stop him from doing something that he loves. The fact that he beat Elden Ring using only his mouth is a testament to that. Make no mistake, this won’t be the last feat he achieves online.