Payday 3 Release Date Possibly Leaked and Confirmed by Insider

The more attention a game gets, the more closely people will watch to spot any new details, especially release dates. Payday 3 has been making a lot of noise since its incredibly brief teaser, and now it looks like some further information may have been exposed early. Specifically, there’s a possible leak of when we can expect this game to launch, with some sellers acting as the prime sources. Though the teams behind the game have kept pretty quiet about when people can hope to play the new heist game, their efforts may have been for naught.

Payday 3 Release Date Leak

Starbreeze Studios has been developing Payday 3 for years now while, all Payday 2 held down the fort with its online variety of missions and events throughout the year. However, it’s been almost a decade since that well-received sequel came out. Now, many are eagerly awaiting the release of the third. Though the date hasn’t been officially confirmed, leaks suggest that we could be seeing the game as early as September 21.

According to WhatIfGaming, the information comes from a reliable leaker known as Aggiornamenti Lumia, an established entity known for uncovering data on the Microsoft Store. By revealing the potential Payday 3 release date, they’re also suggesting that the game will be available through Microsoft on PC as well as on Xbox.

Payday 3 continues the story of a small but ambitious group of professional robbers. With only four members, this gang will rob anything from convenience stores to galleries filled with priceless art and state-of-the-art security systems.

The sequel opened up the game significantly with more heists and varying degrees of difficulty along with expansions. It also reworked the progression system by letting players customize their gangsters with different classes, skills, tailored gear, and weapons. Now that Payday 3 may be finally coming out, there’s a lot of speculation as to how it’s going to change the game.

Leaks are not always 100 percent accurate, but they can provide an estimation. Thanks to the recently leaked Payday 3 release date, it wouldn’t be amiss to raise hopes just a bit. We’re still waiting for official word, but for now, the information seems legitimate. We’ll certainly hear more as September inches closer.