Payday 3 Releases a Short New Teaser Trailer

It’s difficult to get angry at a game teaser for doing its job, but you can want to see something specific. In the case of Payday 3, the game’s developers really hit the nail on the head with their recently released teaser. Only a few seconds long, it acts simply as a lead to a setup for one of the biggest and most anticipated sequels in recent years. Players are hoping to jump back into an online world where they can team up to pull off some clever and stealthy heist all the while fighting off the inevitable police response.

Payday 3 Teaser

Payday 3 Teaser

In 2011, Overkill released Payday, a four-player team-based online game about committing a series of heists in various locations. This was expanded with Payday 2 in 2013 when the online element became the meat of the game. Changing missions, seasonal events, and progressive leveling were introduced as Overkill slowly transitioned into Starbreeze.

Now 10 years later, Starbreeze prepares to release Payday 3 this summer with a teaser to set the stage. At only 20 seconds long, bulk of the teaser is taken up by a black screen and text about preparing for the game. The main part shows a silhouetted figure implied to be Bane, a recurring character heavily involved in the planning of the heists.

The Payday games have always been over-the-top with the aim to fuel your adrenaline. You can play as one of several robbers as you prepare for the job at hand. It started with being able to determine their loadouts, choosing their gear, and getting better equipment as you leveled up. This was built upon in Payday 2 where you can now choose one of several classes each with its own skill trees and specific equipment. It gives you a chance to make a character that best suits your play style and can aid the team in a variety of ways. It’s likely that Payday 3 will add even more to the current system.

However, gameplay footage and specific details about the game’s structure are still in the dark so to speak. So even though Payday 3 has a teaser that teases a lot with its length and minimal visuals, the game itself is still quite a mystery.

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