Pentiment Fonts | How to Change Text Style

Oh, sweet Pentiment. A tale of mystery and character intrigue where you begin you question those around you in 16th-century Bavaria. With such a dedicated period piece, players are treated to historical accuracies and representations that stem from a time when religion and politics clashed over murderous scandals. However, since the font is stylized in a unique way, there are some players who would prefer an easier text style to change to in Pentiment. Luckily, this is feasible in one of the game’s options.

How to Change Text Style in Pentiment

How to Change Text Style in Pentiment

To change the text style in Pentiment, select the blue menu after booting up your saved game to access Options. Under the Game tab, you’ll find the Easy Read Fonts that ultimately change the style of the writing. This will essentially replace every line of dialogue with a more readable presentation in lieu of the creative style by developer Obsidian Entertainment.

It doesn’t end there, though, for there are a few more tweaks to check out. There’s also the Ligatures option if you wish to properly separate characters from their written sequences. Historical Lettering basically enables medial characters to appear in the text. And if the narrative is a little too quick for you, you can adjust the Dialogue Speed from 1 to 3. We should further mention the option to increase character heads in the game, as well. Indeed, you can either shrink or enlarge characters’ heads for a comedic effect with the Headscale option if you wish.

On one more note, these previous settings deal with changing the style of the game. If you’re looking to adjust the actual text size, you’ll need to head to the Accessibility tab under Options. There you’ll find the setting in question, as well as options for Photosensitivity, notification time, and more. Once you have your settings reconfigured, be sure to save Pentiment by entering or leaving an area in-game.