Pentiment | How to Save and Load Game

Pentiment is quite an adventure where you explore a town’s scandals in the midst of some mysterious murders. With so many characters to interact with and notes to consider, it can help to take a nice break every now and then. Of course, saving a game is mostly a rudimentary feature in the current industry. And since our adventure in Pentiment may take days to complete, are allowed the pleasure to save and load our games?

How to Save and Load in Pentiment

How to Save and Load in Pentiment

Pentiment heavily relies on autosaving, and this always occurs whenever you leave or enter an area, indoors or out. You can tell when the game does so by looking to the bottom right of the screen for a scribbling icon whenever you enter a new area. In a way, this is how you can manually save your game in Pentiment without attempting to recall the last auto-save. Actually, you can check for the latest save by pressing the blue menu tab and then clicking on Quit to view your last saved game. Thus, you can update this by going into another area as Andreas.

Of course, Pentiment is the type of experience to remember your choices, especially when it comes to characters’ responses toward you. Going in one direction might hinder a questline, which throws away the necessity of manually saving the game, since it’s all in one file. If you’re going to make an impactful decision, manually saving can only take you so far.

Pentiment does allow you to save to up three different files, given that you want to explore other narrative and RPG options. This is the most effective way to experience the story from multiple angles instead of the usual “quicksave-and-reload” technique to see if what you had just committed was right or wrong.

Still, if losing progress is on your mind when completing a game, you won’t have to worry about it with the continuous manual saves here. Pentiment will do the job for you.