Pentiment Volvelle Puzzle | How to Solve

Pentiment is a period piece in the 16th century where religion and politics clash amid personal trouble involving murder and mystery. Andreas, the story’s protagonist, is in the middle of all the trouble that is transpiring when a familiar and unlikeable face arrives in town. It doesn’t take long for the drama to ensue, along with some side activities for players to check out. One such activity involves a cryptic volvelle puzzle at the Abbey and near the Scriptorium. Players will need to go across town in order to solve the volvelle puzzle, but it’ll be helpful in lieu of attempting to understand the information with a blind eye.

How to Solve the Volvelle Puzzle in Pentiment

How to Solve the Volvelle Puzzle in Pentiment

To solve the volvelle puzzle, you will need to scoop up Ferenc’s cipher in the Scriptorium and speak with Werner Stolz in the northern part of town. Both will offer critical data on how to properly comprehend the astrological and medical text. After getting the necessary info, return to the Prior’s House near the Abbey then abide by the text according to the elements. The solution will ultimately read “higerhard”, which translates to “Here Lies Gerhard” after exhausting the dialogue. It’s both an abbreviation and a name.

There are nine available spaces for the possible solution even though the cipher provides twelve characters to work with plus Andreas’ legend. This means that not every character will appear in your answer. If you don’t see a corresponding symbol with the wheel and the cipher, it won’t be a part of the end result. The characters you will not use are the second symbol under Fire, the first symbol under Air, and also the first one under Water.

It’s really a simple problem to overcome once Andreas has the information. When he does, stick to the symbols, and this section will be complete. Either way, however, Andreas will need his clues to proceed with the puzzle, even if he might already know some of the contexts beforehand when you were picking out Andreas’ past, skills, and education.

In addition to figuring out the volvelle puzzle, players will receive the “Like a Record Baby” achievement for their efforts. Not many players will spot this puzzle upon initial discovery since it’ll be jumbled in with every other introductory layer in Pentiment. Therefore, it’s easy to move on with this when you’re chasing down whoever murdered the Baron. Hopefully, these notes serve you well as you continue playing through the game.