Pentiment | Who Killed the Baron Answer

Pentiment is an intriguing tale of mystery and suspense that sees you navigate through a series of murders and scandals. As Andreas Maler, you interact with the townsfolk to gather information, find clues, and ultimately point the finger toward the troublemakers behind the madness. Although it all seems well at first for Andreas, it’s not long until the town discovers that Baron Lorenz of Rothvogel has been slain. Just who is responsible for this heinous crime? Where can we find the culprit who killed the Baron in Pentiment?

Who Killed the Baron in Pentiment?

Who Killed the Baron in Pentiment?

Note: Please bear in mind that the following guide will include spoilers for Pentiment, so please read with caution.

Surprise, dear reader: You won’t get to find out who killed the Baron in Pentiment. Despite the intense drama surrounding the situation, you’re basically left in the dark, no matter how much evidence you gather. It’s because it’s all masterminded by someone that’s revealed later in the story. Even though Baron Lorenz of Rothvogel was despised by plenty of folks, it’s not definitely confirmed who performed the assassination.

Indeed, the Baron was hated by many, with clear indications from nearly everyone in the game as you initially walk with him. There’s something fishy in the air, as expressed by a few townsfolk referring to an oncoming storm.

As you proceed with your limited investigations on the Baron, you’re forced to make a choice after the wake of the murder. Whether you pick Prior Ferenc, Sister Matilda, or any of the other suspects, the resolution isn’t revealed. You merely must move on with the fact you might have been wrong.

Heavy spoilers here. Later in the game, it’s revealed that Sister Amalie has been sending letters to folks invoking drama within the society. However, she’s only a messenger here. Amalie is being watched over and controlled by Father Thomas, who’s after the whole scene for his own personal gain. A mastermind behind the curtains, this revelation is revealed through careful investigations and rightful choices being made. Since the game follows a choose-your-own-adventure sort of format, the story can go in one direction and into another through a simple narrative decision.

No matter how deep your detective skills may be, they can only get you so far sometimes.