Persona 5 Comes To PC With A Huge Haul Of DLC

The Persona series is a huge fan favorite, and now one of its biggest titles is finding a new home. Persona 5 remains the latest entry that was console exclusive, but will now be releasing on PC later this year. Not only will it be expanding its audience with this move, but also its content with a large number of DLCs accompanying the release.

Persona 5 on PC with DLC

Atlus is one of the older names in gaming, with their Persona games being some of their more modern titles. Known for being very flashy and satisfying, these games have quite a wide variety of players. While they mainly came from PlayStation and Xbox owners, PC users were left without a way to play. With this latest port, Persona 5 became the biggest entry in the series to become available on PC following Persona 4 years earlier. It’s currently scheduled to arrive on places like Steam this Fall on October 21st. It has also been confirmed by the devs that the game will come with up to 40 DLCs. These will add in various items such as costumes and other aesthetics, but the most notable is the crossover content relating to other Atlus games such as Catherine.

Though it’s the fifth game in the series, Persona 5 has acted as a starting point for many new players. The game is a JRPG with all the flash and animation that goes with it. Players control a group of high school students who possess the power to manifest their inner psyches as powerful entities known as Personas. While the students travel around real locations in Japan, they’ll occasionally slip into the Metaverse which is an alternate supernatural dimension. While there, they’ll need to confront manifestations of people’s desires by fighting back with their Personas. As the silent hero Joker, players will need to lead this group to victory.

Persona 5 is one of Atlus’s most popular titles and it will become even more popular once it comes to PC. Until that happens in October, PC players can use the time to play through Persona 4.