PlayStation 5 Dimensions | How Big is the PS5?

Sony has taken a lot of time to explain why the PlayStation 5 is the next big thing in gaming. However, that phrase can and should be taken literally: The PlayStation 5 is actually a huge console. Here’s a look at the PlayStation 5 dimensions and an idea of how big the PS5 is in relation to other consoles, including both its brethren and its competition.

PS5 Size | How Big is the PlayStation 5?

PS5 Size - How Big is the PlayStation 5?

The PlayStation 5 is the biggest console Sony has ever produced. While standing upright, it measures 15.4 inches (390mm) high, 4.09 inches (104mm) wide, and 10.23 inches (260mm) deep. The PS5 Digital Edition, which lacks an optical drive, is slightly smaller at 3.62 inches (92mm) wide.

For a size comparison, the Xbox Series X is only 11.85 inches high, 5.94 inches wide, and 5.94 inches deep. Stood side by side, the PS5 would loom over 3.5 inches higher than Microsoft’s latest console. It’s the same story with the Series X, which is only 10.8 inches high and 2.5 inches wide.

This means the PS5 is even bigger than the launch model PS3, which was already a huge console. To make matters more complicated, these PS5 dimensions don’t include the system’s vertical stand. With the stand attached, the PS5’s footprint will be much larger than 4 inches.

Suffice to say, you’ll need to consider where you’ll actually put the thing. Turned sideways, it would need to rest in a shelf at least 16 inches wide and 5 inches tall — and that’s leaving very little room for ventilation. It could possibly be stood vertically behind a television, assuming the TV isn’t mounted to the wall. Of course, you’d have to reach behind the display to insert discs or access the USB port.

In short, the PS5 is probably much bigger than you expect: 15.4 inches high, 4.09 inches wide, and 10.23 inches deep. You’ll need to keep the PlayStation 5 dimensions in mind when deciding how it will fit into your home entertainment setup.