PlayStation’s Project Leonardo Set To Improve PS5 Player Accessibility

Even though the PS5 may still be tough to find, Sony hasn’t stopped developing new ideas for it. The company’s newest endeavor is Project Leonardo, aimed squarely at increasing accessibility. Put simply, it’s a new set of customizable hardware intended to make gaming more comfortable for players with disabilities. It is unlike anything that PlayStation has offered before and shows that the creators are taking accessibility seriously. It is also shaping up to be of the most complex and intricate accessories that the company has ever made. This spells good news for the countless number of players living with a disability. Here’s what we know so far.

Project Leonardo For PS5

Since releasing in 2020, the PS5 remains a top console with all the usual accessories. However, Sony is doing something different and far more inclusive by developing Project Leonardo, a way for players with disabilities to use the PS5.

As outlined on the PlayStation blog, this new accessory appears to be a radial controller with a number of panels, buttons, and analog sticks. It’s modular, meaning players can customize the button mapping as they see fit and choose whatever arrangement is most comfortable. In addition to the PS5, Project Leonardo can also be paired with additional DualSense controllers.

Project Leonardo will essentially be a controller that players will be able to build and assemble themselves. Not only does it provide movable button panels and analog sticks, but also has a foundation that allows for a variety of positioning. Players can also choose the functionality of the buttons for more ease and convenience. Buttons can be as close or as far apart as needed, which also applies to analog sticks. For greater hardware range, the controller comes with several 3.5mm AUX ports to use as players will.

Gaming is a very appealing hobby, but not every player is able to experience it with the same level of ease. That’s why accessibility is important, which is why PlayStation is launching Project Leonardo. It’s unknown when this fully customizable controller will be released, but it will be a big step forward in making gaming more accessible.