Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Brings Back Pokétch

A new trailer for the remasters Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl released today. In the three-minute clip, we see plenty of new gameplay from the upcoming Switch releases, with some welcome mechanics making a return. One such addition is the Pokétch phone system, which debuted in Diamond and Pearl in 2006 before going out of rotation. We’re digging into the new footage, taking a look at exactly what players can expect when the game launches on November 19.

Pokétch and Caves Return in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Brilliant Diamond

Yes, this new footage from Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl shows off plenty of features that we haven’t seen in a while. Most notable is the return of Pokétch. It’s a smart watch with tools like a stopwatch, pedometer, daycare checker, and berry searcher. Its range of utilities made it perfect while traversing the Sinnoh terrain. It was the hub for you to use HMs like Cut and Surf. As you progressed through the game, you unlocked new features. This made it increasingly useful as you got towards battling the Elite Four.

In the Nintendo DS versions of Diamond and Pearl, the Pokétch appeared on the bottom touchscreen. Of course, the Switch doesn’t have that feature, so now it appears in the top-right of the UI. Its appearance is the same as ever, with classic pixellated graphics harkening back to the franchise’s 16-bit origins. Combined with the return of all the mechanics from the original games, it makes it a must-play for fans of Diamond and Pearl.

Elsewhere, plenty of familiar features from the 2006 releases return for these modern-day remasters. Once again you’ll be able to excavate and decorate your own underground hideout, with furniture, soft toys, and accessories. Poffins are back, which have similar crafting mechanics to the curry feature in Sword and Shield. Lastly, the game reintroduces Amity Square, a sandbox-style area where your Pokémon could leave their Pokéballs and roam around – a great chance to bond with your teammates.