Pokemon Cafe ReMix Quietly Released Today

Seemingly out of nowhere, Pokemon Cafe ReMix released today. This revamp of the 2020 puzzle game introduces new game modes, puzzles, and Pokémon. Interestingly, it’s a release that’s seemingly gone under the radar of Nintendo fans. Fear not, as we bring you up to date with all things Pokemon Cafe ReMix.

Pokémon Cafe ReMix Changes and Additions

Pokemon Cafe Remix

Yes, this re-working of the original Pokemon Cafe Mix launched on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android today. As the base game is a free-to-play title, this ReMix expansion comes in the form of a brand-new software update loaded with new additions.

First and foremost, this new expansion introduces an expansive range of brand-new game modes. Most significant is a dose of new Visiting Mode levels, which acts as the game’s informal story mode. In these levels, you run the cafe, serving food and drink to Pokemon coming in to visit. There are now up to 300 playable scenarios, which you can replay in Past Orders mode if you want to try some again.

Excitingly, the new Menu Mode lets you tweak your own array of dishes to serve at your Pokemon cafe. Once you level up your staff and Pokemon, you unlock recipes of items to cook up. Nintendo hasn’t specified how many new recipes have been added. However, you can imagine there will be plenty to try out. There are also over 1,200 Extra Orders levels, which combine previous quest levels, and new tasks. As such, you’ll always have plenty to do.

The Candy Crush-style puzzles have also had a revamp. There are three tiers of completion, the equivalent of a star system. Your final tier depends on how many of the level’s objectives you complete. That’s on top of new gimmicks, which are unique power-ups to each individual Pokemon.

Elsewhere, Pokemon Cafe ReMix adds plenty of new Pokemon. The patch notes purposefully don’t spoil the new additions, but Pokemon like Piplup and Lucario are front and center of the marketing, so expect to see them. It’s an exciting time to play Pokemon Cafe Mix with such a vast dose of new content.