Pokemon Legends: Arceus Adds Evil Pokemon and a New Region

A new trailer for Pokemon Legends Arceus was released today, showing off the latest non-remake game in the RPG series. It gives a detailed look at the game’s new setting, as well as hinting at what the story will involve. Most exciting of all is the reveal that evil, red-eyed Pokemon are on their way to wreak havoc across the world.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailer: Evil Pokemon, Hisui Region, New Gameplay Mechanics

Pokemon Legends Arceus

The most exciting part of this trailer is when a mysterious lightning bolt hits the floor in the Hisui region. That’s the new location for this game, which is set to introduce brand-new Pokemon who haven’t been in previous installments. After the lightning strike, Pokemon like Gyarados start attacking our player – a darker tone than most games. It’ll be exciting to see what exactly causes them to turn evil, though you can bet the eponymous Arceus is somehow involved.

Yes, Pokemon Legends Arceus is introducing new terrain to the franchise in the form of the Hisui region. All we know so far is that this game is a prequel. Over time, Hisui will eventually turn into the Sinnoh region. There’s all the environments you’d expect from a Pokemon game, too. We witness snowy mountains to sandy deserts, meaning all types of Pokemon will be around. There’s a new starter Pokemon too, but we don’t know its name yet. All we see is the cute brown creature sitting alongside the game’s other starters, Cyndaquil and Oshawott.

Pokemon Legends Arceus certainly looks set to lean into its RPG mechanics. The trailer shows off more NPCs than we’re used to in Pokemon games, presumably there to give quests to the player. There’s also stealth mechanics, as the hero sneaks through long grass. On top of that is a throwing feature similar to a shooter. You aim the Pokeball with one trigger, and throw it with another.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is certainly shaping up to be a full-fledged Pokemon RPG, with more immersive mechanics than the catch-em-all fun we’re used to. With this releasing next year, and the Diamond and Pearlremakes dropping late 2021, it’s a good time to be a Pokemon fan.