Pokemon Legends: Arceus Outfits | How to Change Clothes

Pokemon Legends Arceus is one of the most innovative takes on the Pokemon formula that Game Freak has attempted. However, even though you’re now in an ancient land, that doesn’t mean you get to slack on style! The most recent Pokemon games all allow for amazing customization for your avatar. And Pokemon Legends Arceus is no different, allowing you to change your clothes and your hair! If you’re tired of your “ninja-garb” and want more old-fashioned clothing, there’s one place to go!

How to Change Clothes in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

How to Change Clothes in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

If you want to change your clothes in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you’ll have to head to Jubilife Village’s Clothier after the tutorial missions. A woman in a purple kimono and gold-and-black hair waits outside of the store, which you can find in the shopping strip. At her store, you can purchase different clothing, unlocking more as you go on. If you want to change your haircut, you’ll want to head to the nearby hairdresser.

The variety of clothes you can get right away is frankly great. You’ll have loads of very different outfits to choose from. Some are arguably a bit out-of-touch with the ancient tone of the game, but that’s fine! You can only access the Clothier once you’ve proven yourself to the tribe and have gotten your Survey Corps uniform.

The only restriction you’ll meet is the cost of the clothes. Early on, your money is so very important. Make sure you have a good supply of Pokeballs, potions, and that your Pokemon have the right moves ready before dropping dough on your drip. But, you can change clothes that you’ve purchased already for free by heading to the mirror in their room.

If you want to go to the hairdresser to get a Pokemon Legends Arceus haircut, you can! That’s right next door, where the lovely Edith will cut your hair for a mere 500 bucks. Once again, a little bit expensive early on, but worth it so you like your avatar a bit more!

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