Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Unveils Ghost Dog Greavard

As the Pokemon series continues to grow, it’s getting harder to come up with new creatures. However, the latest reveal shows that the team can still surprise fans. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet (Gen 9) will include a new Ghost-type Pokemon, that happens to be a dog. Dogs are always popular in any context, and Pokemon is no stranger to dog-like pocket monsters. They have always proven to be mid-tier when it comes to the competitive side, and Ghost-types are always highly praised. So of course a ghost dog Pokemon is guaranteed to draw a crowd.

Meet Greavard, The Ghost-Type Dog Pokemon

Since the very first games, Pokemon has always based many of their creatures on existing animals. Considering how beloved dogs are, every game has included them in some form and the upcoming ones are introducing a new dog that is also a ghost. Not much has been shared about Greavard, but screenshots from Eurogamer depict it as a light purple puppy with a candle on its head, a long body, and jagged jaws. Pokemon games come in pairs with Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet being next in line. They’ve already revealed key characters, the new starters, new mechanics, and the name of the new region, Paldea. In terms of new Pokemon to catch, Greavard is just the latest insight.

The Pokemon series is a grand adventure with a true competitive core. The main goal is to catch different Pokemon of different types to put together the most diverse and balanced teams. As the series has evolved, more types have been introduced along with new moves, mechanics, and items to maintain balance. Among them all, the Ghost-type remains one of the most mysterious yet sought-after types. They can be frequently seen as wildcards possessing a variety of surprising moves and power while having immunity to a wide range of moves. It won’t be long before Graevard is analyzed from a competitive view.

Dogs are always a welcome addition to any game with the Pokemon series having no trouble introducing new ones. Following the Ghost-type dog reveal of Greavard, people are only getting more excited for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.