Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Will Let You Make Your Own TMs

The mechanics of Pokemon make the game appear quite simple. However, it’s pretty complex — and it’s about to become moreso, since an essential mechanic about to change significantly. TMs, one of the more valuable and useful items in the Pokemon games, will be consumed on use. However, in the next series, players will also be able to make their own. Though Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have introduced a number of new elements, this alteration to TM behavior will change how players can customize their team’s movements by literally creating the moves they want for them.

Using A TM Machine In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Ever since the new generation of Pokemon games has been announced, the gaming community has been watching its development closely. In addition to the positive reception for new starters, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also changes how TMs will function. While players can still find and buy them, each will only be used once, forcing players to think carefully. To make up for this, a new machine called the TM Machine will be available to players at each Pokemon Center to make their own TMs. As long as they have enough materials from defeated Pokemon and enough League Points from progression and trading, players will be able to make different or the same TMs as much as they are able.

Since the very first Pokemon games, TMs have played a significant part in player strategy. Standing for Technical Machine, the TM is an item that contains a specific Pokemon move. They can be used at any time and taught to any Pokemon that is able to learn them. From Gen 1 to Gen 4, they were single-use. But from Gen 5 onward, TMs became multi-use. This allowed for more experimentation and led to the discovery of new strategies. Although Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Gen 9) will make them single-use again, the TM Machine stands to change team customization even more.

The new Pokemon games have a lot to draw the eye, but many reacted when they heard about the TM reversion. Still, with the TM Machine installed across the new region, players can now grind for the TMs they actually want.