Pokemon Scarlet False Swipe | How to Get

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have Pokehunters hungrier than ever to complete their Pokedex. However, capturing Pokemon out in the wild isn’t always the easiest thing to do. That’s because, as you may know, in order to catch a wild Pokemon, you must weaken it rather than defeat it. False Swipe is the best ability you can teach your Pokemon, because this move guarantees the wild Pokemon you’re battling will be left at one HP. If you’re wondering how to get False Swipe, read on to find out!

How to Get False Swipe in Pokemon Scarlet

How to Get False Swipe in Pokemon Scarlet

In order to get False in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you need to head to Naranja Acadamy or Uva Acadamy. Once at either location, speak to Professor Jacq in the Biology Lab. He will ask you to register 30 Pokemon in your Pokedex. Once you’ve completed this task, head back to Professor Jacq, speak to him, and he’ll hand over TM057. You can use this to teach your Pokemon False Swipe.

Once you’ve unlocked the False Swipe TM, you’ll be able to craft more at the Pokemon Center. You do this by combining three Chewtle Claws, three Kricketot Shells, and 400 LP. The best Pokemon to teach the ability to are Pokemon with sleep or paralyze effects. That’s because these effects increase your chance of catching a wild Pokemon. Combine one of these effects with the False Swipe move, which will leave the wild Pokemon at one HP, and it’s almost a guarantee you’ll catch it.

One of the best early Pokemon for this is Gallade. That’s because Gallade has the Hypnosis attack, which when used, will put an enemy Pokemon in a deep sleep. Thus, making it much more likely you’ll catch them. Nonetheless, if you want to start catching Pokemon out in the wild, False Swipe is a crucial move that will help you do so.

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