Pokemon Scarlet | How to Get Eggs

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have many avid Pokehunters eager to roam the lands of Paldea in search of the best Pokemon. All with the same goal in mind: to become the best Pokehunter in the region. To accomplish that feat, you’ll need a powerful team of Pokemon on your side. One of the most effective ways to obtain new Pokemon is to hatch them from eggs. If you’re not sure how to get eggs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, since it differs from game to game, this guide will show you how.

How to Get Eggs in Pokemon Scarlet

How to Get Eggs in Pokemon Scarlet

You get eggs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet by breeding Pokemon at the picnic table. You do this by leaving any two Pokemon from the same egg group at your picnic table. When you do, there’s a chance they will breed and spawn an egg in the basket next to the table. Once you’ve placed the Pokemon at the picnic, you can simply leave or even idle and there’s a chance they will breed and spawn an egg during your absence.

However, you can increase your chances of an egg spawning from the two Pokemon with sandwiches. When you set up your picnic, you will have the option of making a sandwich. Each sandwich has a Meal Power, one of which is Egg Power. This increases the likelihood and speed of Eggs spawning. So, if you’re specifically looking to get eggs, the Great Peanut Butter Sandwich is the way to go. This raises your Egg Power to level two for 30 minutes.

You can buy all the ingredients to make the Great Peanut Butter Sandwich, Banana, Peanut Butter, and Butter from the Artisan Bakery and Sure Cans shop in Mesagoza. You can also buy the Sandwich itself from Alfornada at the restaurant in town.

The picnic breeding method has the advantage of not limiting you to breeding only a couple of Pokemon at a time. You can leave as many Pokemon of the same egg type as you want at the Picnic table and they will all have a chance to breed and spawn an egg. At any given time, the basket can hold up to ten eggs. When you pick up eggs from the basket, they won’t go into your inventory but your boxes. Simply pull them out and run around to hatch them.

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