Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Terastallizing Makes Your Pokemon Shiny On Command

Since the very first Pokemon game, the series has struggled to add in new mechanics but it looks like the next entry will have one. The upcoming duo of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet has been releasing details periodically during development. Now, we’ve just learned about the games’ new transformation mechanic. By Terastallizing, players will be able to transform Pokemon of all shapes and sizes into a crystal-like form for battle. Images showing gem-like Pokemon have been popping up already. It’s only a matter of time before a demonstration of its power and strategic value is released.

Pokemon Scarlet And Pokemon Violet Terastallizing

The Pokemon series has come a long way since the mono-chromatic Red and Blue duo was released in 1996. Since going almost exclusively 3D, the newer games have done their best to add more to Pokemon evolutions. Now we know that the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet will be added in the Terastal mechanic.

In battle, players will be able to use Terastallizing to transform their Pokemon into an elevated form temporarily. On top of making the Pokemon look like shiny crystal sculpture, they’ll also gain significant stat boosts. You can expect to use this mechanic to help turn the tides during close battles.

The Pokemon evolutions are one of the more significant and satisfying events in the game. When certain Pokemon reach a high enough level or are exposed to specific items or conditions, they will evolve into a bigger and stronger form. However, the more recent games have added new evolution mechanics. Pokemon X and Y introduced the Mega-Evolution requiring stones to evolve Pokemon further, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire added Reversions to return Pokemon to forms, and Sword and Shield added Dynamax to make Pokemon grow to gigantic heights. With Terastallizing now in the mix, the evolution mechanic continues to expand.

With Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet on the horizon, it still has plenty of questions to answer. Among the character designs and new Pokemon to be revealed, the Terastal mechanic is making waves in terms of battle mechanics especially since these games will supposedly feature co-op raids.