After Four Years, the Pokemon Sleep App Launches this Summer

Modern life is dominated by computers and smartphones and companies trying to capitalize on as much time as possible. In fact, The Pokemon Company is focusing on people’s sleep schedules with the new Pokemon Sleep game. Though the title has been in development for over four years, with much of the news surrounding going silent, it appears it’s finally ready to hit phones this summer. Those who felt there weren’t enough hours in the day to play mainline Pokemon console and mobile games, rest easy. Soon you can play an entirely new one while you sleep.

Pokemon Sleep Releases Soon

When a company nails certain subject material, it makes sense to build and expand around it. That’s exactly what The Pokemon Company has done with its namesake series. Even though Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are still fresh releases, the company is finally launching one that’s been in development for years.

That’s right, Pokemon Sleep will be released this year at an undisclosed date this summer. It was first announced in 2019, but since then, coverage has been sparse. Many players forgot about the game, while many others never even knew it existed. Based on the most recent footage, the game will be a heavily idle affair, since players will have to sleep to fully experience it.

Pokemon Sleep may seem like a relaxing and even helpful app based on its function. The game revolves around helping Professor Neroli study the sleep patterns of Pokemon in a new region. Players will get some new gear and the company of a Snorlax, the sleepiest Pokemon. They’ll be tasked to monitor the Snorlax and observe Pokemon that decide to sleep near it. The game is designed to be played at night, of course. The idea is to help players improve their sleep patterns and reward them when they return to the game. However, considering how much time is spent on other Pokemon games like Pokemon GO, the app may have the opposite effect.

Just like Snorlax, Pokemon Sleep took its sweet time waking up and making its way to launch. Finally, players will get to sleep beside Pokemon when summer comes around.