Pokemon Sword And Shield Players Get A Free Victini This Week

The Pokemon series is all about collecting cute and powerful monsters, but sometimes you can get them as gifts. Now, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield players have a chance to get one of the rarest Pokemon in the game: Victini. Unlike a majority of the Pokemon you can gather for the Pokedex, there are many that can only be gotten under some very specific conditions. Fortunately, this one is a freebie.

Free Victini In Pokemon Sword And Pokemon Shield

As the next generation of Pokemon approaches, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, Game Freak continues to expand the Pokedex. As it stands, there are over 800 Pokemon that players can obtain. However, there has yet to be a game that has all of them. In order to complete the Pokedex, players need to trade, await events, or keep an eye out for gift codes. As of now, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is giving players the opportunity to collect the promotion-only Pokemon Victini. Players simply need to sign into the game, open the menu and select the Mystery Gift option. From there, they select the Code/Password option and make sure they have an internet connection. Then, enter the code W0RLD22V1CT0RY (each “0” is a zero, “I” is one), and the Pokemon will appear in one of your boxes.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Victini has been given away. This Pokemon first appeared in Generation V, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, also as a Mystery Gift. Following this promotional event, Victini quickly grew in popularity not only for its cute appearance but also its sheer power. It was the first Fire/Psychic Pokemon to be introduced to the series which gives it a huge range of moves and adaptable power. To date, Victini is ranked OU (Overused) in competitive play.

While the new Pokemon games are on the horizon, there is still plenty of value and activity in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The surprisingly simple and effective Victini Mystery Gift is just the latest event.