What Level Does Ponyta Evolve in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is here, and it has changed up a ton about the game! The game mechanics are a massive difference to the main series games. Because of that, it can feel like almost everything has changed in the game! For instance, in Pokemon Legends Arceus, Ponyta feels like it takes a very, very long time to evolve into a Rapidash. Ponyta isn’t the worst Pokémon in the world, but it does feel slow! So, if you’re wondering when your Ponyta will grow up, we can help you out!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus | What Level Does Ponyta Evolve

Pokemon Legends Arceus Ponyta Evolution

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, a Ponyta evolves into a Rapidash once it reaches level 40. This is standard for a Rapidash evolution, and is required in the main series of games for the evolution. You can alternatively capture an Alpha Rapidash, which can be found fairly early in the game but requires a very careful strategy.

Ponyta has always felt like it takes forever to evolve. Rapidash is considered to be a late-game Pokémon, despite not having the statistics to back that up. Your Starter will be able to evolve before your pony becomes a real horse. Thankfully, that shouldn’t be a huge issue. You can level them up fairly easily by just having them in your party. Or, you can pump them with Candies in order to boost their power by a large margin.

Alternatively, you can attempt to catch an Alpha Rapidash. These catches are insanely difficult, and you should not attempt them until your Pokémon are able to take a hit or two. Rock type and water types with the ability to force the Rapidash to take status elements will be useful here. Bibarel is a fairly early addition to your team that can take fire attacks like a champ. Just have someone you can swap into, in case your beaver lasts a bit shorter than you’d like.

That being said, Pokémon is far from the only part of Pokémon! If you want some advice on style, learn where you can change your clothes. And, if you don’t really know how to get your Ponyta into your party, we can teach you!