Portal: Reloaded Chamber 10 Walkthrough Guide

Portal: Reloadedthe community-made Portal 2 mod released in mid-April, features 25 brand new chambers for Portal fans. More importantly, it includes a brand new feature unique to this installment: A third portal, used to jump between the present and future versions of test chambers. All changes made to the present chamber will be retained when you jump to the future, while changes to the future version are independent and don’t affect the present. This makes for some incredibly mind-boggling puzzles, and Chamber 10 has established itself as one of the toughest. Here’s how to beat it.

How to Beat Chamber 10 in Portal: Reloaded

How to beat Chamber 10 in Portal Reloaded

To begin, approach the red button and press it to drop a storage cube from the ceiling. Carry it up the stairs ahead of you and place it in the center of the white square. Look up and to the right, and you should see a white patch of ceiling tiles. Place a blue portal on this ceiling, then look down over the edge in front of you. Fire an orange portal onto the floor down here and jump in.

You should land on a staircase underneath the blue portal. Head up these stairs and through the material emancipation grill. Take an immediate left and peer over the edge, down at the lower level. Fire a green portal onto the white rectangle, directly below the blue wiring on the wall. Jump down into it and then land on the platform that it launches you up to. You should now be in the future.

Fire a blue portal directly beneath the storage cube, then an orange portal at the ceiling tiles directly above the cube. It should begin falling over and over again from the ceiling. Look down at the floor, next to where your green portal is, and fire an orange portal to the right of it. The cube should pop up out of the portal and fly up to you. Be sure to grab it.

While holding the storage cube, jump down into your green portal to go back to the present. Again, land on the platform it launches you up to, then place the cube on the red button. Shoot a blue portal at the floor, to the right of the green portal, then look to the end of the orange wiring coming from the button with the cube on it. You should see a diagonal white tile coming out of the wall, directly across from the “10” sign. Fire an orange portal onto this tile and jump through the blue one.

You should land in an alcove in the wall with the exit door, though it will still be locked. Turn around and shoot a blue portal underneath the storage cube in the center of the chamber. This will open the door, allowing you to advance on to Chamber 11.