Portal Series Comes To Nintendo Switch with Companion Collection

One of the most surprising successes in gaming was the original Portal, and now Nintendo players can get in on the action. Originally released on PC and then on Steam, both Portal and Portal 2 are arriving on the Nintendo Switch today. This marks the first time that they’re coming to a Nintendo platform. Both are released in a bundle known as the Portal: Companion Collection, which is available as of today.

The Portal Nintendo Switch Edition

While the original Portal was developed and published by Valve, it was designed by Kim Swift to fill a gap in releases in 2007. Despite this, it ended up being one of the company’s most successful games of all time. It later spawned a full-length sequel in 2011, which was also received well. They both became available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, but that was about the extent of it. Neither game has previously been made available on Nintendo consoles.

Thankfully, both are now playable on Switch through the set called Portal: Companion Collection. Interested players can buy it on the Nintendo eShop for the current price of $19.99.

Even though the series revolves around physics and science, the games are presented in a way that’s accessible to multiple audiences. Each one is a first-person puzzle game that gives players access to a Portal Gun created by Aperture Science. By using the gun to create corresponding portals, players must make their way through various chambers in order to reach the end of their adventure. While navigating, they’ll also need to deal with any automated threats such as mechanical hazards and robotic turrets. The first is a single-player experience, while the second is heavily skewed toward co-op play. Luckily, both present creative and large puzzles that require thoughtful placement, momentum, and platforming in order to solve.

The Portal series could be credited for popularizing physics in gaming, and it’s clear that Valve still holds the series in high regard. And now, Nintendo Switch owners will be able to experience the sensation for themselves.