Prepare For Starfield With The RX 6700 XT Bundle

The more advanced games become, the more advanced the machinery needed to run them. Starfield has been sharing the details about its specs so that people on both PC and Xbox can prepare to devote the appropriate amount of power to it. However, PC users are the ones most in flux, since the specs are different from the console version — with the potential to be far more demanding. As a result, certain vendors are combining modern computer components with Starfield so people can run it as best as possible. This includes the recently discounted RX 6700 XT currently being offered by Overclockers.

Starfield Overclockers Bundle

Every now and then a game comes out that makes you want to take your computer apart and replace it with new pieces. Starfield is one such game that has a combination of HD graphics with a heavy amount of details and a vast universe to render. However, it will only be available on Xbox and PC, with those using the latter possibly worried that it won’t run well.

Thankfully, according to Eurogamer, a retailer known as Overclockers is releasing a Starfield bundle that may be tailor-made to run it. For the discounted price of £309 (around $393), you can pick up a high-quality RX 6700 XT GPU combined with a premium copy of Starfield. It could be just the exact part your PC is missing.

Starfield is going to be a very demanding game, and it’s already off to a pretty heavy start. The game requires 125GB of space and will likely get bigger as updates, patches, and possibly new content is introduced following its release. The Xbox version of the game is locked in its specs, but the PC version can fluctuate, which is why some are scrambling to get their machines ready. This bundle can make things more convenient, and the RX 6700 XT is considered one of the better mid-range cards on the market.

Waiting months for a game to release only to discover that it lags like a sloth through syrup is upsetting, to say the least. With the Overclockers RX 6700 XT Starfield bundle, you can get ready to run the game properly on day one.