Project Q Is The New ‘Team Battle Arena’ From Ubisoft

Since the release of PUBG, the battle royale genre has dominated the gaming community. It thrives thanks to games like Fortnite and Fall Guys, but Ubisoft wants to move away from that. Their developers have been working on a new competitive multiplayer game simply known as Project Q. Despite their best efforts, Ubisoft has failed to keep the game under wraps with footage and details of its gameplay being leaked in one way or another. However, now that cat is out of the bag, Ubisoft has officially announced Project Q as one of their upcoming games. Though there’s clear excitement surrounding the title, Ubisoft is adamant in the fact that it is not a battle royale game.

What Is Project Q?

With technology as it is, games can cover multiple genres based on their mechanics and how they’re played. The battle royale genre is typically defined as a large group of players competing to be the sole winner. This typically involves eliminating competitors however possible.

In the case of Project Q, it appears that this is not the case. Early footage (via AerO R2 on YouTube) shows players being on teams and working together to defeat another team. It presents an FPS angle with objectives that need to be completed, actions such as barricading entryways, and a more stylistic appearance to character models and environments. This makes the game a team-based contained PvP rather than a battle royale.

Despite this, Ubisoft is no stranger to battle royale games but has struggled with it. One of their biggest attempts was Hyper Scape, a game set in a cyberpunk virtual playground with digital themes. Though it had a relatively positive response and a sizable community, Hyper Scape is said to get the ax later this year. Still, this hasn’t deterred Ubisoft from trying. The studio also announced a new third-person battle royale game called Pathfinder set for future release.

That being said, Project Q aims to be a “team battle arena” as stated in a tweet by Ubisoft. Its release date is currently unknown, but it will be available to play on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.