Project Zomboid Sledgehammer Location | Where to Find

Knox Country is littered with trouble in Project Zomboid. Players need to assemble a wide range of weapons and tools to survive the harsh armies of the undead. That’s why many are seeking answers as to where they can find the tough and sturdy sledgehammer. It seems to be a rare item, but there are a few spots where you can find one. Here’s the sledgehammer location for Project Zomboid.

Where to Find the Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid

Where to Find the Sledgehammer Location in Project Zomboid

You can find a sledgehammer by looting crates within Industrial locations in West Point. This is probably the best way of obtaining a sledgehammer, as they appear less frequently than other weapons and tools. Seek out warehouse buildings that are filled with crates for you to look through. It might take some time, considering that you’ll need to search through many crates, but warehouses are your best bet. Similarly, the metal shelves could be storing a sledgehammer, but you’re better off clearing out the crates.

West Point of Knox Country houses a tool store that you can visit. Depending on how much mileage you’re willing to spend, taking a visit to West Point could be a secondary option if the warehouse clearance sessions aren’t your cup of tea. There’s also a warehouse in West Point, so the trip wouldn’t hurt if you’re in dire need of the powerful tool.

In addition to these locations, you can also go into survival mode and just think of how a sledgehammer might’ve been used. Barricaded homes are sealed up with sledgehammers at times, but those chances are fairly low. There’s also word that manhole covers could have the tool lying right by after previous survivors closed it up, yet you have to worry about the undead in your vicinity.

The sledgehammer is highly desired due to its massive damage and ability to knock down special blocks and doors. They do have quite a weight to them, so expect slow swings when the action comes calling.