PS Plus Free Games for April 2023 Include Sackboy and Meet Your Maker

A few weeks into Spring and already the weather has changed drastically. Depending on where you are you may be basking in the sun, dancing in the rain, or fighting off allergies. Well, two out of three of those scenarios could make a good case to stay indoors, especially for the PS Plus Essential subscribers. The reason is what you expect in that there is another trio of freebies to download this Tuesday, April 4. This batch has a nice mix of graphics, creativity, and intensity, so you might wanna strap in if you decide to play them all.

PlayStation Plus | Free Games for April 2023

PS Plus Essential free games for April 2023 include Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Meet Your Maker, and Tails of Iron.

When a game series has an established structure, sometimes it can be fun to see what else can be done with the IP. This is the story behind Sackboy: A Big Adventure. When Little Big Planet was released, it created a huge community around user-created content. This remains one of the most popular elements in gaming, but the IP decided to try something more traditional. With Sackboy: A Big Adventure, you get the chance to play as the series’s mascot, Sackboy in a full 3D platform adventure. It has all the charm of the other games but with a whole new challenge to undertake.

A common theme in post-apocalyptic games is the idea of rebuilding. In Meet Your Maker, this idea is quite literal. Going into the far non-descript desert-like future, every surviving humanoid wears a metal mask, tattered robes, and whatever other scrap they can attach to their bodies. However, this world is not just about survival but, about building things for people to survive. It’s a PvP type of arrangement where levels are created by players for players to try and beat. They’ll create arrangements of puzzles and hazards while enemies populate the structures throughout. Will you build or will you beat, the choice is yours.

Anthropomorphic animals are crowd-pleasing because they have an inherent innocence, but nature can be brutal. Tails of Iron takes this very literally by creating a 2D soulslike affair. The harsh art style suits the tone well along with the story. You are Redgi, heir to the mouse throne, but your kingdom is under siege by a dangerous army of frogs. Take up arms, level up, and learn skills to become the royalty that takes back their kingdom. Luckily, you won’t have to do it alone as you encounter others who will fight by your side.