PS Plus Free Games for December 2022 Include Mass Effect And Biomutant

The year is coming to an end but we still have one full month left. It is a time of cold yet merriment, a reason to seek out warmth in your home and with others. A great way to heat up is to get engaged with a good game and PS Plus is here to provide. This month sees three new freebies for Essential subscribers, including some pretty big and dynamic ones. If you choose any one of them to download starting on December 6, you’ll likely be set until the new year arrives.

PS Plus | Free Games for November 2022

The PS Plus Essential free downloads this month include Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Biomutant, and Divine Knockout.

In 2007, players were fortunate to take their first steps into what would become the massive sci-fi epic that is Mass Effect. Following the original trilogy, the series suffered from the poorly received Mass Effect: Andromeda. It then returned to its roots by revisiting and remastering the trilogy into the Legendary Edition. Fill the shoes of the unknowing galactic savior that is Commander Shepard. Follow their journey from becoming the first human Specter to the leader of a massive force against a force threatening all life. Experience the series in all-new HD.

It’s tricky to follow up on an apocalyptic event, but that is exactly what Biomutant tries to do after its release in 2021. This unusual game caught attention for its scale and design while creating mystery at the same time. You play as one of several mutant races; variants of humanoid furry mammals about the size of a child. Whether you’re relying on brawn, gunplay, or psionic powers, the world is still a dangerous one. Travel across the regions, fight bandits, mutants, giant beasts, and more. And do it all as you try to create peace and face the threat of world-eating monsters.

Mythology will never go out of style, especially when interpreted in chibi-form like Divine Knockout will do on December 6 this year. This third-person competitive multiplayer game lets you take on the role of various gods and mythological creatures across fantastical settings. No matter what game mode you pick, there will be a reason to attack your opponents with whatever weapons and powers you have. The stylized visuals pack a lot of flash and punch which will make the matches feel even more explosive.