PS Plus Free Games for May 2023 Include Chivalry 2 and Descenders

There have been a lot of big game releases this year, and there’s still plenty more to go. PlayStation has been receiving a lot of cross-platform titles and a few of its own as it works supporting bigger upcoming games. However, for those who have joined the PlayStation Plus subscription service, you can look forward to a batch of free titles ranging from classics to brand-new releases this May.

PS Plus Free Games May 2023

The first tier of the subscription service is PS Plus Essential, and there are three new freebie titles that have recently become available for download. This month, the group’s theme is multiplayer with a slant toward racing. Keep reading to learn more about the PS Plus freebies for May 2023.

PlayStation Plus | Free Games for May 2023

The PS Plus Essential May freebies include Chivalry 2, Descenders, and GRID Legends.

Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 trailer.

Even though the medieval ages were ages ago, we still get a kick of experiencing what it might have been like to live during that time. A big part of it was combat which was what Chivalry was based on and its sequel Chivalry 2 continues the premise. This multiplayer game has you playing as one of several kinds of medieval warriors of varying sizes, armor, and weapons.

As you enter a match as one of many or part of an army, your goal is to eliminate as many opponents as possible. The clunky and heavy combat added a strong degree of realism along with fatal blows being just one clean hit away. The guards await your application!


Descenders trailer.

You’ve probably seen those first-person videos of people riding bikes fast and hard down dangerous slopes. Some developers saw these two and thoughts about building a whole game around it. The end result is called Descenders, and it’s an exciting addition to the PS Plus lineup.

Join a supreme league of online BMX riders as you ride down clear but dangerous downward paths. It’s not only about maintaining speed but about maintaining balance so that you don’t wipe out at the slightest bump. To pump you full of extra adrenaline, you’ll be fighting for space on the trail with other riders as you all try to take first place while staying in one piece.

GRID Legends

GRID Legends trailer.

Racing in gaming is very different from racing in reality, which is why racing games are so popular. There are loads of different types, too: You’ve got quirky arcade racers, street racers, and finally professional racing sims. GRID Legends definitely leans into the more realistic genre.

With a bunch of real-life champion racers lending their thoughts and voices to the world, this is a racing game to introduce you to a whole new world of speed, skill, and engineering. Check out all the different cars for style and performance and pick the one that best matches your control style and personality. Race for fun, race for glory, and race to be the best.

As usual, these PS Plus free games won’t stick around forever. You’ve got until June 5, 2023 to download these without cost. After that, they’ll be replaced with the next batch of free games.