PS Plus Free Games for November 2022 Include Nioh 2 and Heavenly Bodies

As ghosts head out the door, turkeys move in to take their place. There are tons of ways that you can ring in the harvest season such as having a huge feast or participating in a festival. Alternatively, you can spend the season playing farming games, or other games as the leaves continue to change colors and fruits fall off the trees. Among the games that are coming out, PS Plus has three new free titles which will conveniently be available on the first day of November. Ranging from Soulslike to physics puzzles, try your hand at them while you contemplate harvesting.

Free PS Plus Games for November 2022

The trio of games included with PS Plus this month contains Nioh 2, Heavenly Bodies, and LEGO Harry Potter.

Nioh 2

Soulslike is not going away any time soon and there are more spins coming out for it every year. One of the more popular began with Nioh and led to Nioh 2. The sequel is vastly different from the first in terms of scale, mechanics, and gameplay. The story mainly involves a warrior on a quest to hunt down evil spirits by getting stronger, finding new gear, and learning new skills. You can try to beat the spirits and demons by yourself, or you can join online with friends and other fellow players to take on bigger targets. With the online capability, fighting difficult bosses has never been more entertaining.

Heavenly Bodies

Space offers infinite possibilities, but what about the actual act of floating around it? Well, you’ve got Heavenly Bodies to give you some insight into that. As a cosmonaut, your goal is to visit various sites such as satellites, and make sure everything is running smoothly. Without gravity or full control of your movement, you’ll need to be creative as you move around. Grab on tightly to every part of the structure that’s within reach to pull and swing as you try to solve problems in every area. Take care and whatever you do, don’t let go.

LEGO Harry Potter Collection

The Harry Potter series has a huge impact on millions, so it’s no surprise that LEGO wanted to recreate it somehow. They’ve done so with the aptly named, LEGO Harry Potter games. PS Plus is generous enough to include the full range of Harry Potter’s journey. Covering the years 1 to 4 and 5 to 7, follow the adventure of the Boy Who Lived and his talented friends as they study magic, grow as people and risk everything to defeat the forces of evil. Also, since it’s LEGO, try not to fall to pieces.