PS Plus Free Games for September 2022 Include Sonic Colors: Ultimate And Rust

Summer is slowly falling into autumn, which gives us pause for thought. As the season changes with the leaves, we think about what we’re going to do with this down time. Well, a fun way to spend it is by turning on your PlayStation and seeing what PS Plus has in store. The basic Essential version of the plan brings another three games to the table which you’ll be able to download on September 6. Keep reading to have a look at what’s in store.

PlayStation Plus | Free Games for September 2022

PS Plus Free Games September 2022

This month, the PS Plus freebies include the dynamic trio of Sonic Colors: Ultimate, Rust, and Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate proves that there are still ways to make Sonic games that don’t upset the general public or Sonic fans even worse. First appearing as Sonic Colors on the Wii, the game has been remastered for newer consoles. With sharper graphics and better gameplay, players jump back into the 2.5D world of high-speed platforming. This time around, Sonic is running through space to stop Dr. Eggman’s latest evil plan. Thankfully, the hedgehog is not alone as he’s aided by small colorful aliens which endow him with various temporary powers to save the day.

Rust is another title to the mountainous pile of brutal but surprisingly engaging survival games. The usual formula throws a character (established or custom) into a daunting scenario. Then, it challenges them to survive and build themselves up in a harsh world. Rust takes it to the extreme by throwing you naked and afraid into a dog eat dog world where you’re likely to be bludgeoned to death by players wielding rocks.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is another dip into the world of magic mixing with nature. As the young girl Kena, you are a Spirit Guide who is investigating a mysterious incident. The game combines an interesting fantasy story with some fun and challenging magical combat. Not only with Kena have access to her own powerful abilities, but also those of spirits called the Rot. Together, you may yet discover the truth about the world, Kena, and the mysterious spirits that inhabit it.