PS Plus Free Games for September 2023 Include Saints Row and Black Desert: Traveler Edition

We may have finally escaped the summer heat as August ends and September begins. Depending on where you are, you may have to endure a lingering heat with some additional measures to stay cool. A good way to do this is to hunker down inside your house in the shade provided by the comforting walls and roof. While hiding from the heat, you can turn to your PlayStation and PS Plus Essential in hopes of getting some new titles to play for free. The trio this time will definitely require a lot of time to get through considering their size.

PlayStation Plus | Free Games for September 2023

The PS Plus Essential September games include Saints Row, Black Desert: Traveler Edition, and Generation Zero.

That’s to GTA, a popular kind of game is to be able to play as a criminal with access to unlimited resources and a huge urban playground to unleash it. This spilled into the Saints Row series which took it to unbelievably ridiculous levels. The most recent entry is simply titled Saints Row and could be considered a reboot. Return to the criminal life as a leading figure of a gang called the Saints. Start from your ranking among the other criminal organizations and crawl your way through the top in a series of missions, crimes, chaos, and other activities as you try to establish Saints Row.

Deserts are rarely ever seen as places that you want to spend much time in due to the overwhelming heat, lack of life, and all the sand. Yet, there’s a whole online universe set in a desert called Black Desert. While it may not have the prominence of other MMORPGs, it’s been trucking along with updates, expansions, and events. With the Traveler Edition, you’ll enter the adventurous and fantastical world of the Black Desert with perks. Among them, you’ll get a Polar Bear which will be interesting to see tearing through the sand and non-icy environments.

This has been said before, possibly on this website, but mechs will never not be popular. Seeing giant robots fight touches that part of the brain when we would smash our toys together in our younger days. However, Generation Zero flips the script in which giant mechs are your enemy as you play as humans fighting against machines. You’ll need to use every weapon you can find in the various areas you’ll be facing off against the robots. Take them down so that you can take them apart and make even stronger gear to take down bigger mechanical monsters.