PS Plus Will Offer A 25 Percent Discount For Black Friday

Sony and the team at PlayStation are getting into the holiday season. As Black Friday approaches, PlayStation prepares to offer 25 percent off of its PS Plus services. As one of the more popular online stores, users are already getting excited at the prospect of a larger game library for a lower price. Although the official Black Friday doesn’t start for some time, the discount will take effect this week on November 18th.

A PS Plus Discount

Sony introduced the PlayStation store with the PS3, and it has only continued to grow since then. Through the PS Plus service, players can get access to additional deals and content. Best of all, the service itself is also discounted. That’s now the case this holiday season, as signing up for it will get 25 percent cheaper this Friday.

PlayStation Plus offers three different tiers of deals, each offering more than the last. Naturally, the cost increases as the benefits rise. However, all of them will be reduced by the 25 discount. This not only will provide a more affordable window for members to sign up, but also for current members to upgrade to a different tier if they haven’t already.

The most known console services are Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Online, and PS Plus. However, it’s the latter which is known best for their monthly deals. Each tier of the membership, starting with Essential, offers up to three free downloadable titles each month. The higher the tier, the more discounts and free games you’ll get down the line as your subscription remains active. The tiers are as follows, going from the lowest price to the highest: Essential, Extra, and Premium. Each plan has a price for a yearly subscription and it is automatically set up for renewal one year from when it was purchased.

PlayStation can be quite generous with its library both in terms of full games and DLCs. With the Black Friday period officially starting for PS Plus on November 18, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a surge of new subscriptions taking advantage of the 25 percent discount.