Psychonauts 2 Lili Fungus | Where to Find

There are a ton of sidequests to do in Psychonauts 2. From gathering collectables across the camp to purging negative psychic energy from the camp grounds, you’re going to be busy thanks to your fellow psychonauts. Lili is one of them, and asks you to find a rare fungus. It certainly lives up to its name! Finding this fungus is going to be a pain in the rear. Thankfully, there are plenty of old caves around the Motherlobe, and one of them has to hold the secret!

Where to Find Lili Fungus in Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 Lili Fungus

In order to get Lili her fungus, you need to get to the Questionable Area. At the waterfall that goes up, use Temporal Bubble (you’ll get it later in the story) to slow down the logs. Time it right near the top of the waterfall, and you’ll see your way into a cave. Jump into the cave and explore it and you’ll find rare fungus in no time.

You can get to the point on the waterfall before you have Temporal Bubble. Simply head to area B (the far regions of the Questionable Area). You can either take the Funicular to the top, or you can use the nearby tree platform to parkour onto a ledge. This is also the area that has the Pscionite Quartz… Which might be fake.

While you can get to this area without the Bubble, you can’t really get into the cave. Jumping on a log is tricky, but possible. However, the Waterfall just moves too fast; Raz’s curse activates too quickly. It might be possible with the right movements and finagling, but it will be more probable and more simple to just wait for your Bubble.

Your reward for this task is simple. Head back to Lili’s garden and turn in the Fungus for a Rank Up and some cute interactions between young friends.

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