Psychonauts 2 Milkman | Is He in the Game?

As you claw your way across the countryside of Psychonauts 2, you may be missing some of the characters from the first game. While the new characters are fantastic, the one-of-a-kind cast of Psychonauts is a force to be reckoned with. One memorable brain is Boyd Cooper, a conspiracy theorist security guard known as the Milkman. Because Boyd Cooper was so unique in the first game, he won the hearts of many Psychonauts fans. Will he make his grand return in the sequel?

Is the Milkman in Psychonauts 2?

Psychonauts 2 Milkman

Unfortunately, the Milkman is not in Psychonauts 2; not as a playable character, a brain, or even a basic NPC. There are references to Mr. Cooper throughout the opening cutscene, but that seems to be about it. The Milkman does not return – as Boyd Cooper or otherwise – throughout the main story or any side campaigns of Psychonauts 2.

It’s safe to say that Boyd Cooper’s storyline ended in Psychonauts, as his brain was permanently addled by Razputin and Oleander. That being said, it’s not like we haven’t gone through brains multiple times in the same series. Sadly, Cooper seems to be joining a lot of the cast of Psychonauts that were cycled out in favor of new brains and locales to explore.

So, is that guaranteed to be the end for Mr. Cooper? Maybe, maybe not. Double Fine has not said much about DLC, so there’s a chance that we can see old friends again. Or Cooper could return as a character in a potential future sequel. There’s some fixing that still needs to be done, now that Raz is a better Psychic!

For now, we Milkman fans will have to be content with a brief cameo in the beginning cutscene of the game. And while Boyd deserves commendation for his incredibly unique brain in Psychonauts, it might be time to let the old conspiracy theorist rest and explore new mental locales.

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