Psychonauts 2 Narrow Slot | How to Get Through Small Openings

There are a lot of secrets hidden behind the narrowest cracks or the smallest openings in Psychonauts 2. It doesn’t help that Raz reminds you about it every single time you pass a narrow slot! You know that you’ll eventually find a way through those small openings, the only question is when… And how. Thankfully, you’re not going to need to wait too much longer to get to those hidden goodies!

How to Get Through a Narrow Slot in Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 narrow slot

To go through narrow slots in Psychonauts 2, you’ll need the power of Mental Projection. You can learn this ability from Cassie O’Pia. She will require you to fully repair Ford Cruller’s Mind, a rather long process that takes up a good portion of the mid-game. Make sure you’re collecting the right upgrades and improving your platforming ability. You’ll eventually meet the nice old Psychic Six member who will give you the ability to sneak through grates and narrow slots.

Mental Projection is a fun ability to play around with, harkening back to the Paper Mario games where you were able to slip through a narrow slot or two simply by going sideways. This will be very handy in Cassie’s mind, as it is covered in the grates and slots. More important is just how many mail slots in the Motherlobe will now be available for you. That’s a lot of ranks that you’ll be able to collect!

The ability to pass through narrow slots is going to come much later in the game than you might have hoped. Ford’s mind needs to be fully repaired before you can even consider getting through the small openings. So, you’re going to go through a lot of new story beats and move pretty far away from the Motherlobe before these doors will be available for you. That’s okay, though; it’s all about progressing through the storyline and then returning to finish things up.

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