Psychonauts 2 New Game Plus | How to Replay

After a trippy adventure into the minds of several characters in Psychonauts 2, the journey eventually comes to an end. But not necessarily for our little hero Raz, who declares that extra credit would be suitable to irritate a certain someone. Evidently, this means that you can continue your gameplay within the sequel’s worlds. But is there a New Game Plus feature in Psychonauts 2 for post-game jitters and desires? Keep reading on to find out.

Does Psychonauts 2 Have New Game Plus?

Psychonauts 2 New Game Plus

Psychonauts 2 does not feature a New Game Plus mode. Once the main narrative has been completed, the game is effectively over. However, you’ll still be able to go back to visit previous physical and mental worlds. You won’t get locked out of exploring, so there’s no worry if you’ve missed something or simply want to return to a previously blocked area.

Without diving too far into spoiler territory, at the end of the game, Raz says he’d like to sneak in some extra work. From there, all of your progress can be seen, along with the open road ahead of you.

For anyone who’s collected all of their badges, completed side quests, and picked up every nook and cranny of an item, the game essentially comes to a close there. Obviously, you can always do a reset of the whole game, but that’s not New Game Plus.

If you’re unfamiliar with New Game Plus, it’s a game feature that resets the entire experience. The difference is that the new run might change certain aspects of the levels or enemy behaviors. Several well-known action games have implemented this feature for replay value and story purposes. Unfortunately, you won’t see it for Psychonauts 2 unless it’s part of a DLC sometime down the line.

Psychonauts 2 does not have a New Game Plus mode, but you’ll still be able to return to previous areas. You won’t get locked out of anything, so you’ll still be able to hunt down all of the game’s achievements.