Psychonauts 2 Return to Where It All Started | How to Unlock Achievement

Interested in Making Peace, eh? This might be one of the most cryptic achievements that you can find in Psychonauts 2. The only tip you get for this achievement is to Return to Where It All Started. Considering this game’s story is all about heading back to the beginning of the organization, you’d think that this achievement is just story-locked… But it isn’t! So, how do you complete Making Peace? Don’t worry, we can help.

Warning: Spoiler alert! This guide will include spoilers to the story of Psychonauts 2. Read at your own risk!

How to Unlock the Return to Where It All Started Achievement

Psychonauts 2 Return to Where It All Started

In order to Return to Where It All Started, you must complete the story of Psychonauts 2 by defeating Maligula once and for all. Once everyone is back to normal (or, normal-ish), you must head back to Nona’s hut in the Green Needle Gulch. There you’ll find Ford checking in on his old flame, and talking to them will unlock the achievement. It turns out that “Return to Where It All Started” was referring to their relationship recuperating after Maligula’s betrayal. Who would have thought!

This is a pretty simple achievement, once you know what you’re looking for. Certainly nothing compared to the other locked achievements that the game throws at you! The original Psychonauts game had some pretty rough achievements, as well. It seems like Double Fine is a big fan of cryptic and difficult achievements to complete.

Psychonauts 2 is not possible to complete fully without completing the story mode, so this should not be a huge obstacle for dedicated completionists. Compared to some of the other challenges that you will face to get that completion icon, this is nothing at all! You may want to talk to some of the other interns and characters around the organization to ensure you’re all set on NPC progression.

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