Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass | How to Use

Rainbow Six Extraction is the co-op experience that is typical to Rainbow Six, even in PvP games like SiegeThis game promises to go whole-hog for it, though, so you’re gonna really want to bring your friends to every session. Even though you can play solo, there is actually a pretty simple way to let your friends join you. The Buddy Pass for Rainbow Six Extraction is a pretty amazing promise, and it actually works really well. If you’re on the fence about buying the game, then let us introduce the Buddy Pass to you!

How to Use Buddy Pass in Rainbow Six Extraction

How to Use Buddy Pass in Rainbow Six Extraction

The Rainbow Six Extraction buddy pass requires one player to have purchased the full edition of the game. Once they do, you can find your friends through friends list on Ubisoft Connect or through your system’s friend list through the in-game menu. Your friends have to download the Trial version in order to receive this invite. Once your friends are invited to your squad, you’ll have 14 days for you and your friends to join the same squad for missions before they have to purchase the full game.

For clarity, your squad is the only group you can play the Buddy Pass with. So, you and your buds better be down to clown on Archaeans for a while if you want to make use of this pretty great deal. The freebies won’t be able to join other squads with the current iteration of the Buddy Pass.

Interestingly enough, if the full game owner makes a ton of progress and then uses the pass, the buddies will have access to the content that the game owner has. So, if the owner has made a lot of progress, they aren’t leaving their buddies in the dust.

And this is not to say the trial version of the game is that bad. You actually get a decent amount of content right out the bat. You don’t get Assignments, Ranked Mode, or the In-Game store. But you actually get everything else, so you can test your graphics and even go on practice missions. Not bad for a free version!