Rainbow Six Extraction Proteans | How to Beat

Rainbow Six Extraction is out now to let players team up with friends to kill aliens, but it’s not always easy. The Proteans are one of the most challenging enemy types in the game, requiring a lot of work to take down. That’s because they can morph to look like teammates, making them especially troublesome. Join us as we look at how to beat the Rainbow Six Extraction Proteans.

How to Beat Proteans in Rainbow Six Extraction

How to Beat Proteans in Rainbow Six Extraction

Since the Proteans are arguably the trickiest enemy in Rainbow Six Extraction, you may need some tips on how to defeat them. They have a huge amount of HP, so it’ll require a combined team effort to take them out.

The other issue with Proteans is how fast they can move, and the extended shield they use to protect themselves. Unlike their base HP, this can regenerate, meaning you only have a small window to deal damage in between bursts of shield. Despite their impressive abilities, there isn’t a specific technique to beat Proteans. Instead, it’s quite straightforward — hit them with as much firepower as you can.

Of course, given they’re some of the toughest enemies in Rainbow Six Extraction, that means you’ll need an awful lot of firepower. We recommend hitting them with grenades and a constant barrage of bullets. Hits from four separate players will be more than they can block, so given plenty of time they should go down. However, you’ll need to also play quite cautiously, as their damage stats are good enough to wipe the floor with players in just a few hits.

There’s no easy or quick way to defeat Proteans; you’ve simply got to blast them with everything in your arsenal. The best strategy is to take cover often, heal as much as you can, and slowly whittle down their health bars.