Rainbow Six Extraction Split-Screen | Is There Couch Co-Op?

Rainbow Six Extraction gives players the power to fight alongside their most trustworthy squadmates. Strange and grotesque beings from space are invading our land, and it’s up to us to clean up the mess. Still, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll be able to play with friends via couch co-op. The industry is greatly evolving by the day, but is there any potential split-screen in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have Split-Screen Couch Co-Op?

Rainbow Six Extraction Siege Characters for Split-screen co-op

Rainbox Six Extraction does not support split-screen op-op gameplay. With the gaming industry shying away from split-screen capability, bigger triple-A titles are sticking with single-screen experiences. The goal is to give players absolute room and freedom to see every angle, which is an essential element to the Rainbow Six gameplay. If the screen were split, players would have to squint at the screen in order to catch the action.

It’s not entirely surprising to see the absence of a split-screen in this title. The game design is detailed and intricate, much to its trouble-making predecessor Siege, where any small angle might mean trouble. So perhaps it’s an expected precaution that Ubisoft stuck to its system of single-screen gameplay.

If you travel along this path to no avail, or if your friends aren’t interested in purchasing the game yet, then you might be interested in the Buddy Pass system. Rainbow Six Extraction comes equipped with a Buddy Pass if purchased by players. This will allow the purchased party to invite two additional friends to join them in the fight for a limited time. These passes will run for 14 days, so it’s best to plan a raging weekend if the mates are planning on taking out some alien scum.

However, Rainbow Six Extraction is also available through Game Pass. This will allow both console and PC players to load up for battle without relying on a full purchase or the Buddy Pass. In other words, there are options on how folks can jump into the action. So, the choice is up to you on how you approach the quarantine zones.