Rainbow Six Siege Team Attackers Now Subject To Reverse Friendly Fire

It’s normal for people to get aggro in shooting games — that’s kind of the point. But sometimes it leads players to attack their teammates, which really spoils the fun. Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most well-played online multiplayer shooters, and it has no shortage of toxic behavior. Players will intentionally shoot and kill teammates for grief and troll purposes. Well, the joke’s about to be on them quite literally, as a new change means R6 Siege players will take all damage they try to inflict on their teammates.

Rainbow Six Siege Reverse Friendly Fire Penalty

Of all the game series that bear Tom Clancy’s name, Rainbow Six is one of the oldest. The series launched in 1998 and has continued to grow into a huge multiplayer franchise. Rainbow Six Siege itself launched in 2015, and the game continues to receive updates.

Unfortunately, in that time the game has also seen many new players causing trouble for their own personal entertainment. This includes shooting and killing their teammates through friendly fire. It’s troll behavior, and it ruins the game on many levels. Luckily, the developers have gotten creative with an appropriate response and punishment. Now, continuous friendly fire will instead transfer the damage onto the shooter. This way, any players intent on harming their teammates will instead end up harming themselves.

When a title is preceded by Tom Clancy, it’s clear what kind of content it’s going to be. Naturally, this also applies to Rainbow Six Siege. As a member of a US counter-terrorist organization or as the opposing force, players engage in close-quarter firefights across a number of environments. However, there is a strong focus on teamwork and strategy. Griefing undermines the entire process, which is why it’s great to see such an accurately targeted fix to the problem.

Rainbow Six Siege still remains active to this day, with the developers taking the time to keep it updated and respond in notable ways to toxic player actions. Going forward, friendly fire will fire back.