Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Extinction Event Trophy | How to Unlock

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a fairly straightforward game to platinum, with few missable trophies in its list. One of these, the Extinction Event trophy, requires players to kill a total of five Grunthors. These enemies are limited in their attacks, but can still require some effort to bring down, and this guide will walk you through both finding and exterminating these beasts.

Extinction Event Trophy | Where to Find Grunthors

Extinction Event
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Extinction Event Trophy

The first step in killing five Grunthors and claiming the Extinction Event trophy is finding them. All five of these guys can be found on the planet Sargasso. Further, two of them being fought as part of the story, so no need to worry about searching out those two. As for the remaining Grunthors, they’re pretty hard to miss, but it’s important that you don’t just try and run past them when you see them. After the story, there won’t be enough left for the trophy and they will no longer respawn.

Grunthors are the large yellow and orange dinosaurs, like the one pictured above. They have lots of health, but they’re very predictable. Keep moving and keep your most powerful weapons aimed at them to take them down fairly easily. The first can be found on your first visit to this planet when Rivet arrives on Sargasso, and you are tasked with following Maynard the guide bot. The Grunthor can be found roaming around near you, close to the southern point of the map. The next two are story-related, also being killed on your first visit. Once you make your way to the northwest corner of the map on your way to the hideout, you should find the two Grunthors.

After the third planet, the Help Trudi side quest will become available on Sargasso. Head to the planet to do the quest and you will encounter the Grunthor during it. When you later revisit Sargasso for the second story-related visit, you will be able to find the final Grunthor needed to claim the Extinction Event trophy.

Head to the southwest corner of the map to the same island as the vendor, and you will find the Grunthor roaming around. Taking it down will earn you the Extinction Event trophy in Rift Apart.

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