Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Return Policy Trophy | Unlock the Easy Way

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart has nearly 50 different trophies, and most of them are easy enough to earn. However, a lot of players keep getting stuck on the Return Policy trophy. This achievement requires you to kill 10 enemies by returning shots with the Void Reactor, which can be tricky. Luckily for you, we know the easy way to unlock Return Policy by cheesing the right enemies.

The Easy Way to Unlock the Return Policy Trophy

To unlock the Return Policy trophy in Rift Apart, head to Sargasso. Near the teleporter on the south side of the map you’ll encounter groups of Fendersax Wasps. These bugs make it easy to unlock the Return Policy trophy, since they stay far enough away not to get killed by the Void Reactor shield blast.

The main reason why players struggle with this trophy is because the Void Reactor’s shield blast causes damage in addition to returning projectiles. If enemies are too close, they’ll die from the shield instead of returned shots. Those sorts of kills won’t count toward unlocking the trophy.

To make matters worse, many players have been told to complete this challenge at the arena, fighting against Robot Pirates. That’s just bad advice; the arena is simply too small. Plus, Pirate Corsairs close in on you while shooting, meaning the shield will almost always destroy them before their projectiles do.

Instead, fly out to Sargasso. Take the teleporter near the ship to the south side of the map, then find the clearing by Mrs. Zurkon. The Fendersax Wasps in this area will keep their distance, spitting globs of acid from afar. Catch those shots with the Void Reactor, then press R2 to send them right back. Returned shots will seek out targets, too, so you don’t even really have to aim.

The Return Policy trophy is not difficult to unlock; it’s actually quite easy. The key is to use the Void Reactor on Sargasso, not at the arena. Find the bugs, keep your distance, and you’ll unlock this trophy in no time.

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