Redfall Crossplay | Is There Cross-Platform Support?

Redfall from Arkane Studios pits you and up to three friends against a legion of vampires. While you can enjoy the action in single-player, because this is a co-op FPS, the experience is much more fun playing alongside your friends. On that note, Redfall is available on both PC and Xbox. That just begs the question of whether the co-op FPS will support crossplay between the two systems. Well, we got good news on that front, so keep reading.

Is There Crossplay Support in Redfall?

Is There Crossplay Support in Redfall

Yes, there is crossplay support in Redfall. As long as you’ve got the game, you can play with your friends whether they are on PC or Xbox. Developers Arkane Studios have confirmed cross-platform support on multiple occasions, but most evidently through their Twitter. So, regardless of whether you get the game through Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Steam, or the Epic Games Store, you’ll be able to crossplay with friends on any version, and vice versa. Allowing everyone to enjoy the action regardless of their system or preferred store.

What’s more, is that there are four playable characters, or heroes, to play as in Redfall. Each has its own set of stats, abilities, and, ultimately, play style. You and your friends can play as any of these four characters. But, you’ll be more relieved to hear that more than one player can select the same character. So there won’t be any haggling with your friends over who gets to be which character. You can have a squad of all the same characters, or mix and match as you, please.

As far as saving the story campaign while playing crossplay with friends, that falls on the host. More specifically, the story campaign will only be saved for the host. So make sure you elicit the same host when hopping on with your friends to pick up where you left off. On the other hand, you will save your own character progression. So, you won’t lose any of the loot, XP, or levels you gain while playing with one set of friends or another.

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